Live Event Coverage

Live events are an exciting aspect for any business. That excitement can be repeated through capturing the event on video. Coordination is key when recording a live event effectively, and Ahoj Productions prides itself in being able to juggle multiple camera angles, audio sources and motion graphics. Let us capture your next event!


Let your viewers get a full product experience by absorbing knowledge and retaining the message easily. Rather than having a multitude of written bullet points, give them the full visual appeal that they need to adequately understand your product.


It may sometimes be challenging to truly move people towards a cause. With the correct production, you can strike an emotional connection with your viewers that will help them better understand your organization's mission. We can work with you to develop the most effective content that will resonate with your audience.


Videos are a vital component for any type of corporation. From a marketing point of view, videos are easier to share, help rank higher on Google and transcribes your message more effectively. Some of the types of video we can create for you include informational, instructional how-to, company overviews, product demonstrations and testimonials. No matter what the purpose is, video creates such an engaging experience for the viewer that it becomes an effective tool waiting to utilize.

Small Business

How are you going to differentiate yourself? What kind of first impression are you leaving with your potential clients? There is no better way to show professionalism and articulate a well structured business than having a video branded for it. Not only does it establish a great first impression, but it is also very easy to share. The key is to create video content that will spread like wildfire and set your business up for high earning potentials.

Digital Transfers

We’ve all been in the situation, while moving boxes or searching through family keepsakes, where we come across tapes and old reels of film long forgotten but that still contain precious memories of those we have grown up with or who have passed on. We can digitize those memories into a format that will never degrade and needs no additional equipment. We also offer personal touches such as color correction, background music, and chapter indicators to view any event at the push of a button and a secure storage method.