Chester Gould: An American Original

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  • Videos are a vital component for any type of corporation. From a marketing point of view, videos are easier to share, help rank higher on Google and transcribes your message more effectively.

    Some of the types of video we can create for you include informational, instructional how-to, company overviews, product demonstrations and testimonials. No matter what the purpose is, video creates such an engaging experience for the viewer that it becomes an effective tool waiting to utilize.

  • Do you have a creative story that you’d like to capture in a visually pleasing format? Perhaps your band would like an HD music video created? Or you’d like to broadcast an idea or concept in a way that can be retained by a large audience? Let us know!

    Whether you’re looking to capture a wedding, party, personal interviews or an imaginative story, Ahoj Productions can provide bumper-to-bumper service at a competitive rate.

  • Ahoj Productions has a 24 track, 32-bit, 96 KHz recording studio located in the McHenry county area!

    Do you have song ideas that you’ve wanted to get recorded for years? Or did you and your bandmates want to work on getting an album done? We can even include studio musicians to fill parts such as piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, viola, and standup bass!

  • Have you been holding onto video tapes or film reels that hold precious family memories? Those old VHS tapes and even older film reels are currently degrading and some of those memories will inevitably be lost through entropy.

    Let us digitize your video tapes, audio tapes and old film reels so they will never degrade and never be lost. We can transfer all the video files on one of your hard drives, upload the files onto Google Drive, or encode DVDs with your precious memories onboard, viewable to all family and friends. We also offer color correction, minor and major editing, DVD menu creation and music backgrounds!